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After our relationship ended with Island Records we then signed to EMI Records and released a further single called ‘We’ve Got The Funk,’ produced by Biddu.  

Hi Tension eventually became a 3 piece band i.e. Jeffrey, Leroy and me. We then signed to Streetwave Records releasing ‘Rat Race,’ written by Jeffrey Guishard.   Later, we subsequently collaborated with David ‘Pic’ Conley from the group Surface from America and recorded ‘You Make Me Happy,’ which was also produced by him. This had moderate success and acclaim at the dance club but not pop chart acclaim. 

 hi tension rat race

 hi tension 3 rat race
We were invited to promote this song in Sweden and you can see Jeff, Leroy, and me with representatives from Sweden. 

  At some point Jeffrey, Leroy and I decided we would discontinue working under the name of Hi Tension and amicably parted ways. 

So what have I been doing since Hi Tension? Soon afterwards I was approached to play bass on a Duran Duran Tour for John Adams. I always dreamt of performing at Wembley Arena and my dream was answered. Wembley arena is the largest auditorium that I have ever performed live, holding approximately 12, 500 people.  I recorded a video with the singer john Adams to support the above tour and the release of his single ‘Strip This Heart’. 
Thereafter, I had the honour and good fortune to perform live in concert with Lonnie Liston Smith (keyboard Jazz and Jazz funk musician and legend) at the Royal Albert Hall as his bass player. I remember receiving a call from a promoter asking me if I was available to play bass for Mr Smith who was due to perform in England a week from the date I received that call (his name fails me now but he knew me from Hi Tension days as a competent bass player). I told him, I was available and he couriered a tape that same day for me to learn as time was of the essence. I had 10 or more songs to learn in 5 days. On the sixth day I had 1 day to rehearse with Mr. Smith. Then on the seventh day we would perform at the Royal Albert Hall for 1 night only. It was challenging and interesting. I remember Lonnie Liston Smith asking me upon his arrival: “. . .what key was I playing his songs in?” Wow! I recall a bead of sweat ran down my face because I wasn’t prepared or expecting that question and the truth was I didn’t take note of the key the songs were played in, I simply copied the songs without any thought to the key. I recall replying: “. . .the same key that you recorded your songs in on your album and what’s on the tape.” “I’ve changed nothing!” I have to laugh now! With that he counted us in and we were tight as if we rehearsed for years. What a privilege it was for me to perform with Mr Smith before his fans. My experience of learning all those songs when I was in Hott Wax and early Hi Tension days paid dividends in helping me to learn Lonnie Liston Smith’s songs.



lonnie liston smith ken david joseph

Lonnie Liston Smith and me together with David Joseph.

 Since Hi Tension I appeared on various television shows as a session bass player for my brother David Joseph when he went solo with his hit single ‘You Can’t Hide’ and ‘Let’s Live It up’.  In 1983, I played bass for him on a television program called ‘Switch.’  It was another live television broadcast and that was nerve racking as the floor manager counted us in to perform live in front of millions of television viewers.  If we made a mistake that would appear live.  Thank God that didn’t happen.  In addition, I subsequently, appeared on the television program called the ‘Malibu Dance Competition’ hosted by Lee John from Imagination, The Tube and numerous Top of The Pops shows.    

In 1987, I wrote the song titled ‘Discover’ which my brother, David Joseph liked and recorded then subsequently released.   I generally don’t say this but I believe it’s a great song and it’s a shame it didn’t receive the promotion and acclaim it deserved.  I may redo it one day! Watch this space.  I have a friend from Brooklyn as you read below.  Smile! 

When music was no longer prominent in my live, I became a senior lecturer at a secretarial college in Harrow teaching computers in 1989.  Since 1993, I’ve been practising Housing Law both in the private and public sector.  Since 1993 I have been travelling abroad a lot to various countries like Venice in Italy, Cannes and Monaco in France, Las Vegas (not to gamble), Portugal Santiago de Cuba and Habana de Cuba, Antigua etc.  For recreation, I teach Cuban Salsa, and enjoy that very much.  Again, my music knowledge, creative and artistic flair is being demonstrated here.  I tend to travel to Las Vegas quite frequently.  In 2000, I managed to see and enjoy a double billing concert with Luther Vandross and Boyz II Men at the MGM Hotel.  Totally Amazing!  


kevin owens


lisa fisher

See me with my friends Kevin Owens and Lisa Fischer.  Kevin was the backing vocalist for Luther Vandross and lead singer of ‘Ray, Goodman & Brown. Lisa of (Brooklyn USA) was also a backing vocalist for Luther Vandross and was also the former singer of the band ‘Change’. She’s an amazing singer with a lot of heart.  She is also a Grammy Award singer following her ‘So Intense’ album.  Lisa is truly an inspiring lady who is so talented, inspiring and humble.  Well done, Lisa a devoted friend.   

Thereafter, in 2002 I managed to see Gladys Knight at the Flamingo Hotel.  Her concert was awe inspiring!  I’ve seen many concerts since but those were the most memorable. 

You now know a bit more about me and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my profile but before I go I would like to thank Almighty God for giving me the gift of song and musicianship. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my mother and father Edris Violet Joseph and Glenfield Samuel Joseph for their unwavering support during my odyssey and who are sadly missed. To all the members of Hott Wax past and Hi Tension, it was a thrill to make music with an array of talented musicians for their musical colour and musical effect.

 ken joseph and son nathan

To my son, Nathan, to whom I’m extremely proud. Keep doing what you’re doing – great things are in your grasp!   I would also like to express a word of gratitude to the DJs that supported us through our development no matter how great or small: Greg Edwards (Capitol Radio – Soul Spectrum), Robbie Vincent (DJ) and Steve Walsh during those “All Dayers” who are so sadly missed and many more, too much to mention.   And most of all the fans that supported us and put us on the music map without which American Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Brit Funk and Brit R&B would not have been born or so prevalent as it was and as it is today and which has inspired this website.  

To Paul Phillips, for developing this website and giving a voice to journey through my nostalgic moments. Well done!


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